visiting the family...

Sunday, July 8, 2007

(this is the only shot i got of the car we borrowed this past weekend...and lyla trying to run behind it)
(lyla has inherited my favorite doll from 23 years ago. i really just wanted to write "23 years" to see how it looked, and it looks as scary as i thought it would...)

(this picture also keeps me smiling...except i really just put it in to show seth's sleeping face. really!!!:).)

(the two cousins snuggled together, until olivia decided she had enough of that!)

(my tomato plant - whom i've dubbed "big red")

(one of my four daisies...still trying to come up with names...)

(lyla snuggling with aunty kristyn so i could get some sleep...)(here is lyla cleaning up the dirt that she put on the sidewalk - what a good helper:).)
(and my posing gardener...she's very proud of where she put her plants!)