to you...

Saturday, July 28, 2007

this morning i was toasted by a two year-old

who raised her orange juice to mine and said "to you!"

she brought the morning, she moved a mountain;

she brought flowers out of barren land and sunlight from darkness.

what a way to start the day - affirmed and celebrated!

so here's to you

familiar faces at my breakfast table!

here's to smiles, sleepy kisses and theological questions at dawn!

here's to unbrushed teeth, unmade beds, and unpicked up clothes!

here's to dirty tennis shoes and news told before i read it!

here's to my cold cup of coffee, to the lunch forgotten!

here's to the little girl who wants ice cream with her eggs!

here's to the daddy who thinks that's funny!

here's to the man who loves us so and lets us know!

i cherish you who breakfast with me.

you are sun in my rain - sustenance and star.

~ann weems