the view from up here: part 5

Thursday, August 2, 2007

so, just in case anyone is checking this site to see if i've finally popped...i haven't. and i'm praying that i don't until next week for two reasons. mom is coming on saturday to help with lylers and tony and i have a huge date planned for sunday. i really, really want to go on that date!! so last night, after consuming way more s'mores then a pregnant woman should and dealing with the resulting contractions, i've decided that i need to take control of these chocolate cravings until next week when i finally will be ready to have miss livie and eat as much chocolate as i can to promote her arrival. so, until then, here is a serious 38 week picture of me...
...and the one that made tony laugh:).
i hope none of you mind the craziness that ensues between the two of us - i really try and edit:).