livie and me...

Saturday, September 15, 2007

...this afternoon i bundled up livie and took her with me to a baby shower - i sometimes laugh at how hard i thought getting out of the house with one little one was! - part of me looked forward to some time alone with my newest baby. i realized this morning and even more so as i headed south that when i just had lyla i got to know her so quickly. she was my new "everywhere" companion. wherever kimberley was, lyla was. i picked up on her little quirks so quickly, for example: when her right eye would turn kind of red, i knew she was ready for a nap. i had time to sit and watch her and fall in love with her and be there in the moment with her.

i don't feel that i have that with livie yet. don't get me wrong, i have definitely fallen in love with her...but i realize it's because i have another little girl who is needing my attention just as much that it's taking time to feel like i'm getting to know livie. i was talking to another mom who actually planned her two munchkins on being 18 months apart and she told me that it's normal to feel like your gypping one child of attention and not getting to know the other, and that it's normal to cry more then you ever have the first year of your youngest one's life. yay! and that's a happy yay:)! it was just so encouraging to be reminded that it's hard...for most everyone. to be reminded that you're not alone in what you're facing and in what you're feeling. that's it's okay to sit down and cry, but then to get back up and love your little ones. and to be told it does get does get easier - until the next new phase:).

but back to livie - i did learn a couple of things today:

1. she's a huge snuggler! she loves to snuggle...i suspected this, but when you watch your little one be passed around the room and she just snuggles into whomever, you realize that you have another one who is going to love to sit down and snuggle in and watch a movie with you!

2. she hates distraction. a blanket placed discreetly over her while she nurses causes extreme crying and wriggling. this girl cares nothing about the modesty of her mother. a loud laugh while she is trying to sleep? disgruntled grunts and fussies are directed at the guilty party.

3. she loves to smile. and it's no demure lifting of the lips - it's a full on, bigger then her face smile.

put both lyla and livie together the older they get and there will definitely be more laughter then tears in our home...