hello autumn...

Saturday, September 15, 2007

...i'm fairly certain that autumn has arrived. finally. seemed to take it's own sweet time this year. goodness. so on this brisk, lovely morning we decided to take lyla to a hidden park that a friend of mine showed me the other day. we were the only family there, so lyla delightedly played to her hearts content on the little one's play equipment until the big kid's slide caught her attention...so off she ran to that one and climbed and slid and climbed and slid and climbed and slid until we decided to head home. she's so much fun!

i realized after i posted this picture that it's kind of hard to tell that she is actually coming down the slide head first...she discovered that it's fun to freak mama out but zooming down the slide the wrong way and then stopping herself so she could hop off the bottom...a monkey she is!trying to juggle both my girls - thanks to kristyn for making me a sling so it's a bit easier:).