happy halloween!!

Wednesday, October 31, 2007

today marked our last pumpkin related foray of the season and the one i was most looking forward to! this is the first year that lyla dressed up and went begging for candy - a past time she thoroughly enjoyed due to the outcome:). i have a feeling livie will get more out of it next year...

instead of going through our neighborhood close to lyla's bedtime (which would have invited an inevitable meltdown) we decided to go to the small town we used to live in where the local businesses on mainstreet pass out candy earlier in the day. once we got through the horrendous traffic, we met up with some of our friends and their little ones and the hunt for candy began!

lyla - looking very impressed



lyla's first stop...

miss livie and i...me and my girlfriends and our passel of kids...you would think livie is sleeping here...maybe i'll just blissfully pretend that that's what this picture is depicting. yup. here is "dorothy" and her sleeping "cumpkin" - as lyla would say:).

i hope your day was just as fun!! happy halloween!!