oh be careful little mouth...

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

...what you say. and i wish i had kept my mouth closed.the other day, i found myself conversing with my heavenly Father about being lyla's mama. i tend to do this a lot, but on this particular day, foolishly or not, i felt the need to be rather specific. so i boldly prayed for balance in loving my girls as unconditionally as i can while at the same time being completely aware of their humanity. you see, my girls are adorable. obviously. and at times that overrides the need to meet their "challenges" we'll say, head on.

you know those times you pray and you wonder if He hears, or you wait and wait and wonder if you'll ever get an answer?

there was no waiting period on this one.

lyla's human nature is alive and kicking. quite loudly and literally.

and the only thing that phases her when it comes to any type of consequence? having her blankie taken away.


so, her blankie goes in time out. in my big ol' purse actually. and stays zipped up.

there's a lot of crying and screaming and pleading and booger wiping through it all.

but there is a lot of assurance of love too.

i prayed for balance, but was also taught a lesson as i sat in my mom's living room today trying to ride out this battle of the wills with lyla. i'm not so different then lyla, and yet while God is completely aware of my humanity, He still loves me uncondtionally, snotty nose and all.

and sometimes, when all is said and done and my very strong will is bent to His own, i am reassured that despite all my crying and kicking and fighting and looking quite silly, He still finds joy in me. and sometimes that joy is found in the partaking of chocolate pudding.