lyla and the search for the great pumpkin...

Saturday, October 27, 2007

today marked the second trip out the door to go explore another pumpkin patch. this time we headed to some old stomping grounds, drove past our old place, met some dear friends and headed out to some farm country.
as you can see below, we were horribly underdressed for the usual though, lyla found an open space and ran and danced to the beat of her own drum...
and while livie was being somewhat demanding of a food source (that would be me...), tony and lyla went exploring and found some mice hiding in a gourd. except lyla couldn't see the mice because they were...hiding, but informed everyone around her that there was mice in the cage. maybe her future calling is that of a tour guide. i could see it:).
and then...the pumpkin wagon! oh glory be! you would have thought someone handed her the moon!
and then to have logan join her in the pumpkin wagon? life, for my little girl, was quite complete.
and tony, being the only big strong man who wasn't holding a baby, started on the long, long trek down to the pumpkins.

i'm not sure if he's going in for a kiss or what...hmmm. i may have to have a chat with that boy:).
picking out the perfect pumpkins was harder then i thought. but i will leave you in utter suspense as to what they look like until i have them cleaned up, carved out and named. until then, have some apple cider and breathe in the wonderful autumn air. isn't this time of year glorious?

*disclaimer* i'm not excluding my second born from the search for the great pumpkin...she just wasn't that into it and slept the majority of the time. next year i'm sure she'll be a bit more interested and maybe she'll be the one trying to steal a kiss from logan's little brother!