smarter then your a-ver-age bear...

Sunday, December 16, 2007 tony filled up the car with gas last night i was staring unseeing out my window listening to lyla's random chatter fill up the silence. suddenly adament, lyla began saying firmly:

"k, mama!", "n, mama!", "p, mama!"

"yes lyla, those are letters." i said absent mindedly, still lost in whatever planet i was on.

"MAMA! K!", "MAMA, LOOK!!"

turning around i saw lyla pointing up at the sign above the car, yelling out the letters she recognized.

i sometimes feel inadequate in this whole parenting me, lyla is still so little that i sometimes forget that she can comprehend what is going on around counting to 8 this morning and twirling at the same time.

inadequacy and all, i'm so glad i get to go on this amazing journey with her...can't wait to see what she points out next!