that mom post...

Thursday, December 6, 2007

...i can't help but feel that my newest post is the one that i've been dreading to write since i started my blog. even though it's exciting news - who really wants to know? but since it's my blog and i'm excessively proud of my daughter, i'm going to write about it. be warned though that the following post has to do with "the potty".

last night, we were out with some friends at a restaurant and as usual, lyla had boundless energy that was hard to contain. i had a brilliant moment of insight in remembering that the bathroom was huge and contained and would be a great place for lyla to run up and down and get some wiggles out. i didn't factor into my thinking pattern that the place had loud, echo-y stall doors, but that's neither here nor there.

lyla started out running, then slamming, then opening each stall door and looking in until she noticed that behind each door was a potty. (almost like a game show - "and behind door number 3...ANOTHER POTTY!!) she decided on the perfect one and turned to me yelling, "potty, me!"

"you want to use the potty lyla?"

"yes mama!"

so, into the stall i went, eternally thankful i wasn't still pregnant (there isn't a lot of room in there!) and sat her down. she screwed up her little face and used all of her concentration and suddenly there was the sound of a tinkle! i felt like someone had handed me the moon! my daughter won't be in diapers forever!! yay!!!

we practiced again this morning...nothing happened other then lyla demonstrating what a potty is for to livie, but we'll keep working on it. rome wasn't built in a day...