ode to my husband...

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

...there are days, like today, that i wake up with every good intention of getting everything done on my to-do list. and then i sit up.

met with a migrane, a crying baby and a calling out for "mommy, i wake" down the hall, i closed my eyes, prayed for grace and gingerly swung my legs over the side of the bed. i saw stars. but i made it down the stairs, with two little ones in tow and got breakfast on the table - despite much gagging on my part.

and then i heard the garage door open, and my knight in shining armor walked in. have i mentioned lately how much i love him? no? shame on me. let me state right this minute that i am hopelessly, shamelessly, adoringly in love with my husband. even if he hadn't whispered in my ear that he was taking me out on a date tonight, i would still be head over heels for that man.

saturday morning, i woke up to the sound of livie talking to herself in her bed beside me, i glanced over at the clock and quickly pulled it to my face to make sure i saw the time right. 9:51 am. quietly tony had got lyla up and dressed and took her out for coffee so that i could sleep in.

speaking of coffee - that's what tony does. he dates his daughter. since she was 6 months old, he has taken her out for coffee on his days off so that she'll know right from the beginning what a date is supposed to look like so she will know the horrid boys from the good. i'm so amazed at his love for his daughters.

in the time it takes for me to get lyla in her sleepy bag, eskimo kissed twice with one regular kiss following, bed-time prayers said and tucked in for the night tony has the whole downstairs cleaned up so we can just snuggle on the couch and talk.

he sends me out of the house one afternoon a week so i can go to my second favorite starbucks and journal and have my devotions uninterrupted for a couple of hours while he holds down the fort.

he makes sure i'm dated regularly and even bought a journal so we could document each date - though each entry ends up being so off track that it really has nothing to do with the date by the end...

he still opens the car door for me after 7 years together.

i'm glad that even though this day started out on a not so happy note, i'll be laughing by the night's end with my best friend. i can hardly wait.