i thought she wasn't sleepy...

Sunday, February 17, 2008

...livie has settled herself into a fairly normal routine. up around 8 (8:05am to be exact), sleepy again by 10:15, up again at 11:30 ish (i actually wake her up or else her afternoon nap isn't long enough. for me, not her.) and then pretty much the same until bed time - up for a couple of hours and asleep for a couple of hours. routine is nice. i like it.
so when she wouldn't settle down at 10:15 the other morning like she normally does i felt confuddled. i tried everything: feeding her, burping her, playing with her, laying her down, sitting her up...nothing worked. i kept smelling a funny smell, but it wasn't that smell, so i didn't bother checking.

for the record, i would like to state in my defense that there is a certain kind of material that doesn't let any mess soak through and it's livie's jammy material - it's amazing!

when i finally decided to check because nothing else was working (have i ever mentioned my hair colour?) she was soaked from her sweet little bottom to the top of her neck in a lovely messy mess. lyla leaned over my neck and tried to be as helpful as she could by stating in her matter of fact voice that "livie pooped, mama...livie pooped."

yes lyla, she did...and thankfully she cleans up well.