up, down. up, down.

Sunday, February 17, 2008

it's amazing to me to watch and hear lyla learn words and sentences and concepts. she is picking things up so quickly. she now says the alphabet, counts to 12, sings "finkle, finkle little star", knows the special song i sing to livie to calm her down when she's really upset and begins to sing it along with me, does the actions to "where is thumpkin" and "itsy bitsy spider", and parrots almost everything we say. it's crazy! but the funniest thing to me is that she gets her opposites mixed up - up is down and off is on and out is in. i find it adorable, even though i know i shouldn't encourage it.

anyways, gramma and lyla have a new game that they love to play called "up, down". (gramma's subtle way of teaching her the concept i'm sure!) and she's slowly getting it. honestly, i think i'll be a little sad the day she comes up to me with her arms outstretched and says "up, mama". i'm sure part of me will want to "correct" her by saying: "down, mama" instead...