oh happy day...

Sunday, February 24, 2008

there's a song that was played on the radio station that we listened to in washington that lyla became obsessed with. i'm sure there is much more to the song that we actually know, but lyla only learned the chorus and randomly sings it when she is truly happy.

today was one of those times.

lyla has developed a love of marshmellows thanks in part to gramma's well stocked pantry. so tonight she came up to me with her big beautiful brown eyes pleading and asked "mar-mellow, mama? please?"

(how could i resist?)

knowing that i was giving in, she happily skipped behind me as i headed into the kitchen, singing in her sweet, almost-in-key voice:

oh happy day, happy day
when He washed my sin away
and oh happy day, happy day
when Jesus washed my sin away

i'm sure the author who penned the whole song never imagined it being sung in the joyful anticipation of receiving marhmellows...