horror of horrors...

Friday, February 29, 2008

yesterday was a day filled with spontaneity. normally when it comes to the girls bedtimes i'm fairly consistent and only waver about 20 mins or so in allowing lyla to stay up past 8. but like i said, i was feeling spontaneous last night and put out to whomever wanted to listen that i needed to run into the nearest home depot to pick up a kitchen sink. tony, still recovering from 5 years of getting up at 3:00am 5 out 7 mornings a week, opted to stay home and rest. so, my mom volunteered.

5 o'clock rolled around and we all piled into the car, made a quick stop for something to eat and we were on our way.

the hour long drive was fun, everyone was in good spirits...or sleeping (that would be livie). only a couple of melt downs from a certain toddler in the back seat but once she recovered her book she was fine.

home depot appeared in front of us as a beacon in the dark. a kitchen sink!! glory be! i was so excited. lyla got out and stuck to gramma like glue and livie, snuggled into her sling, was stuck to me.

we headed into the store and livie burst out in the most adorable giggles, which got lyla giggling. we were the four happy girls strolling through a happy store being happy together.

and then lyla wanted to run.

"run like the wind". i thought to myself, while still hovering close by.

and the happy started to run fast and far away too.

i began to get a horrible sinking feeling that we were nearing bedtime.

sure enough, as soon as i thought that, lyla saw the huge, red, beautiful *lg* washer and dryer on display. running faster than i could catch her, she smacked her hands as hard as she could on it and said quite loudly to the grandfatherly salesman, "mine!"

he laughed, i told lyla we can't hit things and proceeded to direct her in the opposite direction.

deciding that she didn't want to go in the direction i was steering her little feet, she slipped out of my grasp and began running once again.

straight towards the aforementioned salesman.

you know how things slowdown so that your brain can try and process what is happening even though you have no chance in the world to stop what is about to happen?

things slowed down drastically as i watched my sweet little girl run towards the salesman with her arms raised high above her head.

in my minds eye i can still see him start to bend down mistakenly thinking that she was wanting a hug as my thoughts are yelling at him to catch a clue...

he never caught a clue.

instead, what he got was a very adamant toddler yelling at him that the huge, red, beautiful *lg* washer that he was leaning against was hers as she proceeded to bring her hands down as hard as she could on his crotch.

yes. his crotch.

i've experienced embarrassment before. i've been mortified before. but never to this level.

i'm still cringing in my seat as i write about it.

after apologizing profusely i rounded up the previously happy foursome and headed out to the car where "someone" received a very stern talking to, discipline and a blankie time out.

thankfully, half an hour later when we came back to home depot because i couldn't find the kitchen sink i wanted anywhere else, my mom graciously offered to go into the store by herself and make the purchase for me.

so, first lyla announces my "boom booms" to a bunch of strange men and then she hits someones crotch.

Lord, please give me the grace to handle what she does next.