being swedish...

Sunday, March 2, 2008

when i was a prairie dining hall worker, back in the day, i would serve at various banquets that had all sorts of lovely people sitting at the tables i was in charge of serving. some of these tables had your standard older gentlemen who love to tease impressionable young women and would invariably yelp every time i would pour their coffee causing me to jump back, convinced i had poured coffee on their lap.

the guffawing at my startled expression alerted me to the fact that at least i provided some entertainment to patrons whom i can only assume were bent towards the mischievous side of life.

there were also the sweet little old ladies who would always comment on either(in their words) my *dutch* or *swedish* colouring and ask where my ancestors came from.

"norway", i would respond.

and they always looked so disappointed.

regardless...while i'm fairly partial to my nordic roots (and my scottish ones too, but that's another post...) i am more then slightly partial to a swedish store.

ha! that's where the connection comes in - just in case you were wondering:).

what does one do when she begins to plan the setting up of her new home?

why, go to ikea of course!

so that's what we did.

today marked two milestones (besides being the fastest trip through ikea ever). the first being livie's first ikea experience ever and her first time riding in the stroller without her carseat. my littlest little girl is growing up!

in the following pictorial documentation you'll see the progression of:
*yay! we're at ikea!
*yay! we're sleepy at ikea!
*yay! we're with gramma at ikea!
*yay! we're done being at ikea!