the ol' spaghetti factory...

Sunday, February 3, 2008

can i help it that my favorite restaurant as a little girl was right around the corner from the psc? can i also help it that i want my daughter to love said restaurant as much as i do so that we can frequent it as much as possible - even here in the great white north??

anyways, the morning group of us all headed to the ol' spaghetti factory where we met up with tony's cousin sam to spend an amazing time of food and fellowship. i loved that we were able to spend a few more precious moments with family - thank you to each of you who were able to make it out that morning! what amazing memories you gave us!

lyla enjoyed being the center of attention by whipping her head around as fast as she can - the pig-tail shooting straight out gives testament to the amount of energy she had.
sami, gramma-nana and livie all looking happy and loved.there were many, many rounds of "ring around the rosy",and just as many giggles and tumbles.and at the end of all it, fully tummies and hearts always seem to make for sleepy eyes.