7 months...

Thursday, March 13, 2008

seriously, i think i say this every month, but where has the time gone??? 7 months has flown by and in less then a year we'll be celebrating livie's 1st birthday! crazy!! i told tony the other day, as i was lamenting that both my babies weren't going to babies for much longer, that i thought i wanted 5 children now instead of 4. he wisely said that 5 would probably make the time go by much faster, and while he's probably right (okay, really right), i love this stage of my life.

oh, i get tired and cranky and fed up, but honestly? i wouldn't trade this for anything in the world.

so, happy 7 month birthday livie! who would have thunk i could keep two babies alive when i keep killing my plants!

to celebrate, i got a new sling to carry livie around in. much thanks to my wonderful sister-in-law kristyn for introducing me to such an amazing baby *must-have*!