swimming in the belly of a lyla...

Thursday, March 13, 2008

i had been warned about the phase we are now in with lyla. how there will be that one meal each day that she absolutely refuses to eat anything. and how, if i'm wise, i will realize that this is one of two battles that i will never win. (the second being nap time...though, i remain firm that i *will* continue to win that one...so far, it isn't a battle yet...)

anyways, my former non-picky eater has decided that she hates pretty much all food except spaghetti (truly this shows she is her mother's daughter) and pancakes. oh yeah, and cookies. and anything else that doesn't resemble *meal-time* food.

a sweet lady at a mom's group i attend lent me her book from focus on the family that goes through each stage and tells you what is normal and what isn't. reassuringly, i read that this phase lyla is going through is completely normal. phewff!

lunch time hasn't been much of a problem until today. of course, because today was the day i decided that i would be creative and make lunchtime fun.

so, i formed the "fishies" and made a huge deal of how we are going to have fishies for lunch and how yummy they would be. i took them off of the skillet and placed them on a blue plate (for the water of course) and proceeded to tell her how we were going to eat *nemo* for lunch.

what am i? crazy?? apparently so, because who tells their child that they are about to eat their favorite fish in the world besides elmo's dorothy? i guess i do.

quickly i cut up the "fish" so they resembled sticks and convinced her to eat the now non-fishy.

after dipping the fish in the "dip" she announced loud and proud that it was delicious.

i guess she isn't that traumatized from my sna-foo.

oh well...they were cute, none the less, and i snapped a picture before said tramatic moment occurred. they were so much fun and easy to make and before lyla realized she was about to eat her friend, she had fun helping too!

we'll see how tomorrow goes...