it's just peanut butter...

Saturday, March 15, 2008

as i said in an earlier post, lyla is enjoying copying the little things tony and i do. one of them happens to be nursing (which, tony doesn't do) and now, changing diapers. she has a larger teddy then the one she "nurses" that wears a diaper. why? because it poops, obviously.

so, today at breakfast, she came up to me with concern all over her sweet little face and said "teddy dirty mama".

i helped her take off the diaper and asked her to go find a wipe to clean teddy's bottom. my mom, in a moment of brilliance, told me to put some peanut butter in the diaper. so, being the obedient daughter i am, and wanting to set a good example (of course) i quickly scooped up some pb while lyla was still occupied and waited until she came back with the requested wipe.

"look, lyla", i said as i held out the diaper, "teddy really did poop!"

she look so confused for a moment and then realized that her teddy really did need a good wiping. she gently took him out of my arms and laid him on the floor as she spent the next 5 minutes making sure he was completely clean.

while i don't spend 5 minutes wiping my girls, i do like to think i'm teaching them something in the area of cleanliness:).

now i think you should go and have a peanut butter sandwhich...i have some extra here if you need any!