chewing on a monkey ear...

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

...the other night as tony and i were driving to my parents house from sorting and unpacking at our house i looked at him and said:

"tony, i feel that we trying to eat a monkey ear."

i got a strange look in response, so, in my very tired state i tried to explain to him that when i was a little girl, a missionary family came to our church. at the church i went to, we had story time up front by the piano every sunday night. on this particular story night, the lady was telling us how she and her husband, as guests of honor, were served a monkey head at whatever village they were working in. she, for some reason that i don't remember was served the ear of the monkey, which was a highly coveted morsel.

she put it in her mouth and as she chewed, the ear continued to get bigger and never actually broke down. i'm not sure how, or if she ever swallowed it but the word picture has stayed in my mind ever since.

we've gutted, renovated, re-walled, re-countered, get the idea... and our sweet little staff house is *almost* ready to move in. crawling into bed this morning at 1:30am, all i could think of was all the things that still needed to be accomplished and suddenly it got bigger and bigger. my "monkey ear" was becoming impossible to break down. add to that livie waking up at 2:30 and staying awake on and off until 4am and i didn't get much sleep. that could also add to the enormity of the situation.

anyways. here is the only *before* picture i can find at the moment. soon, i will have many happy *after* pictures to post! i'm so in love with my little home - it's perfect! and wouldn't you know it, my dream has always been to have a yellow home and i've been praying about it for years. out of all the colourful staff homes there are - we got the cute, sunny, happy yellow one:). it's such a small request in the scope of things, but i feel so loved by my Jesus that He took that request so seriously.

i feel like a small child at christmas....exhausted but deliriously happy:).

oh's the before:)