moving in...

Thursday, March 27, 2008

we're moving in, bit by bit - some rooms are more ready then others, but as sure as it'll snow in august (okay, maybe i'm not sure, but i can hope) we are getting more and more settled in!

the first night was hard - lyla was unsure of her new bed, new room, new surroundings...but now, she gleefully runs to her room at odd times during the day to "sleep" in her big girl bed. livie has decided that dr. ferber is full of himself and has abandoned the "sleeping through the night" routine. sigh. someday i'll sleep again...

other then that - i'm in love. i love everything about our new home. to me, it's old, but it's perfect and makes me smile.

now, i just have to attack the yard...and finish setting up the girls rooms...

here are some pictures:

(entry-way - the door beyond it is the laundry room and tony's office is opposite the door with the window)

(love, love, love my kitchen!)

(i refurbished a shelf unit that lyla had got for christmas one year...perfect for holding cookbooks and other odds and ends...)

(living room...)

(our other front door...but, imagine with me the piano against the wall where the little toy chest is sticking out...)

(lyla's room - kristyn - of "avery's attic", custom made all the bedding in both girls rooms - her next project is curtains...the blackout curtains aren't really *blacking out* light...)

(livie's room)

once my other rooms are more *presentable* i'll post those pictures too:).