lovin' on my teacher for life...

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

over at something good, the prompt is *student for life: what did your husband teach you this week?*

i had to really think about this one. sometimes life becomes so repetitive, so exhausting that the one thing i wish he would teach me is how to sleep through the night when someone very little is crying. but since neither one of us has mastered that yet i had to look for something else.

tony is a very confident, secure man. besides his *magic toque*, those two qualities were probably what drew me most to him. he was everything i wasn't. when i met tony, i was lost in a sea of hurt and shame and fear, feeling that i was no good for anyone, let alone him.

we have come a long way in the last 7+ years...but, at odd times, i still get tripped up in the tangle of belief of who i was and lose sight of the new creation that i have become in my Savior. i had one of those moments this past week. it was small. it was slight. but tony noticed. and he gently reminded me of who i am now.

if my life were a chalkboard, it would have arrows drawn all over it in tony's hand, pointing my eyes upward...he continually *teaches* me that in my sorrow, in my pain and hurt and even in my joy, my eyes need to be focused up to Jesus...because it is only by doing that will i truly become who He created me to be.

and tony's confidence and surety in who he is, because of Who he trusts is an amazing *teacher* to that promise.