the stuff of legends...

Friday, May 9, 2008

...according to great tales of old (and new) there have been some children with the surname *baker* who have taken their first steps before 9 months of age. yes...that would make them 8 months when these first, amazing steps have been taken.

yesterday morning i had a friend over for coffee and while our children were running around hiding food in places you shouldn't hide food in, livie took her first step. when i called tony to let him know, he told me she had taken her first step a couple of days ago. he told me then too. my tired mommy brain didn't remember. oops.

livie now joins the ranks with her papa and her two cousins james and jonathan. they turned out pretty good despite this *oddity* (well, i think it's odd...lyla didn't walk until she was 16 months!), so i'm fairly certain livie will too:).

once i figure out how to post video on this new computer i'll put up her attempts. she took another step once tony got home from work, but of course, as soon as i tried to document it she would just stand and then fling herself into daddy's arms.

thank you Jesus for another mover and shaker because You have definitely given me another force to be reckoned with!