the waving turtle...

Sunday, May 11, 2008

for a while, i only thought turtles noticed each other. for the full explanation of my reason for this, i would have to ask my sister becky to tell of her one poor pursued turtle and the other poor pursuing turtle.

anyways. for mother's day, the four of us and my parents piled into our cars and headed into the zoo. to be honest, i felt like i had missed a couple of steps along the way after seeing for the last couple of years the different trips to the zoo my friends had taken their children on. you see, this was lyla's first trip to the zoo. i can hear all of your gasps from my comfy seat right now. yes. i, kimberley baker, couldn't be bothered. animals smell funny. and the really dangerous ones eat bunnies. (which, i saw AMPLE proof of today in the vulture pit - and i am aware that it's probably not called a pit, but after seeing the very dead bunny AND some picked clean carcases, i was about done in...)


after watching both lyla and livie's reactions today to all the different animals and sounds and yes...even the smellls that had me gagging, i am fully planning on taking them back. (and because my dad surprised us with year round passes too...i definitely can't back out now:)!)

so, here is our trip to the zoo. this ended up being such a wonderful day despite all the horrid smells. oh! did i not mention yet how much i hate the smell of animal poop and dead decaying bunnies? no?

happy mother's day! hope your day was just as lovely, but less smelly, then mine!!

here is the waving turtle who also stuck out his tongue at lyla...not to be out done, lyla stuck her tongue out back at him.

'bye smelly zoo! see you next time!