dear olivia...

Friday, June 13, 2008

10 months ago today you were placed in my arms and looked into my eyes and screamed your little head off. i understand. that was a rough day on both of us.

last night, you looked into my eyes and screamed your little face off again, both of us exhausted from another of your sleepless nights. i think both of us cried.

but you know what sweet one? we are getting through this together. and you are teaching me that i have a deep strength that's been hidden inside of me. and we get through another day, and your infectious giggle has me laughing before i know it.

when you turned 10 days old i was sad for a'll never be a single digit again. and as we hit 10 months i'm finding that my heart is sad again realizing that you're growing so quickly...your single digit months are over.

but day by day, step by step, because yes, you're walking more then crawling now, my heart is becoming more of yours and lyla's then my own.

i love you my precious baby. i love your smile, your sweet first words, your loud giggles when you should be napping. i love the way you walk - like you are drunk on happiness.

you amaze me and i can't wait to find out who you are going to be...