sweet friends...

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

a couple of weeks ago, one of my dearest friends from high school came to visit her parents, which meant that after 5 years, we finally got to have a long overdue face-to-face chat.

and she's 9 months pregnant, which was absolutely adorable.

sharon has walked with me through it all - the good and the not so good - and has remained one of my most cherished friends. with babies and distance it's been hard to maintain the contact that we once took for granted, but after 9 years (is that right sharon?) we still send each other 2 pairs of girly, crazy underwear for our birthdays. yes. the secret is out. don't kill me!!:)

thanks for the tea and dessert and the amazing chat sharon. and thanks for loving my girls! lyla is still asking for her aunty sharon...

which leads me to sharon's mom.

or as i like to call her: mudde mom. (long story involving caller id, sharon's dad's name and 2 giggly girls...)

or as lyla calls her: mudde gramma.

last week i had an *epicure* party at my house and as we all visited and ate and laughed lyla found a kindred spirit in her newest friend.

thank you mudde mom for making lyla's day. we'll never use the basting brush the same way again...because now, when i'm putting make up on in the morning lyla tells me: "no mama, use this brush".