ride it like ben hur...

Thursday, July 10, 2008

for my birthday this year, i decided to wish big. well...not big in the sense of wanting to travel the world or have a 23 carat diamond ring, but i did want something specific. 2 something specifics if i'm going to be specific.

i asked for a bike. but not just any bike...i wanted a cute one. and a chariot, so i could cart my two sweetie pies behind me wherever i happened to go.

so i put in my request oh...about a year ago and waited. and waited some more.

and the closer it got to my birthday i began to drop hints left, right and center hoping that *someone* specific wouldn't forget.

and then, one day, tony came home and told me he needed the car.

"AHA!!" my inner voice shouted! i knew exactly what he was going to do. my foot he had to stay late and finish up some paperwork. he was off to get my cutie pie bike.

but alas, as i happened to go by the dining hall that evening i looked to my right and saw the car parked happily in its parking space.

i have to admit, my heart sunk.

and so, since we were leaving the night of my birthday on our first holiday without the kiddos since birthing them, i figured that was my present - which seriously...was a *huge* present from both sets of grandparents.

so the night of the 26th i had dinner with my parents since tony had to *work late* again when there was a knock at the door. i looked up to see my husband's beautiful eyes peeking through the window and as i opened the door i saw behind him...


and lest you think my 2nd something specific was forgotten in the excitement of it all...never fear dear reader. here i am, finding out that a chariot is on its way from my dear parents.

and here are my two little ben hurs...livie doesn't look that impressed, but she really does enjoy the ride - just took her a minute or two.