a somewhat fall-ish morning...

Saturday, August 30, 2008

welcome to the new and improved *my little corner*!
kind of...after many, many different tries and ideas and failed attempts - i've finally created a space that feels like a cozy little corner of my world. yay! there are still a couple more things that i need to do, but i can now stop thinking about the bulk of it. hallelujah!
and on that note, tony and i took the girls on a walk to a field that used to be a playground that was near the lot that housed the buildings that i went to junior high in. (did you catch that?) there was much running, laughing and dog-piling. and it was crisp enough outside that the girls and i were able to wear our *matching* hats that my mom surprised us with.
the leaves are beginning to turn, the sky is turning that glorious autumn blue, the nights are getting chillier. i love this time of year...