closing up shop...

Monday, November 24, 2008

i'm realizing that this season of morning sickness is actually a gift. it's causing me to completely slow down and prioritze what is most important in my life.

this is hard, to be completely honest.

because even though it's a gift, it's also given me a glimpse into the things that i rely on to *give me break* throughout my day. and those breaks that should only take 10 minutes turn into 2 hours and my children are left to their own devices, staring zombie-like infront of the tv while i, their mother and example, stare zombie-like at the computer screen.


i'm taking a break. from all things computer, except for email. (i need some contact with the *outside* world, come on!:))

my children, my husband, my relationships deserve the best i have to give...and i haven't been giving it.

so i'm choosing this time to focus on building up my children. to pray for them. to turn off the tv and get down on the floor with them and love on them.

to give my husband my undivided attention instead of the back of my laptop as we relax on the couch after my two sweeties are snuggled up in bed.

to savor quiet time with Jesus. to focus on the changing that He needs to do in my heart instead of focusing on how He is changing others' lives in blog-land.

the link to the *7x7 prayers* above lasts 7 days, so to start, that's how long i'll take.

i can't have any words to share if the hearts of my children, my husband or mine haven't been filled first by His words.

see you in a week!