live, laugh, love...

Sunday, November 16, 2008

i have a sign by my kitchen table that states 3 simple words: live, laugh, love.

i sit by these words everyday for practically every meal and sometimes i live them out well, and sometimes i fail horribly.

regardless, they are staples in our home.

Christ came to earth to give me i can live.

He gives me hope in the bleakest of circumstances so i can laugh.

He loved me with an amazing love so i can learn how to love fully.

and in my little yellow home that i am so desparately in love with, i am desparately learning how to put these into practice in the lives of the people i love.

we've only been living in this house for 9 short months, but it has become home. but no home is complete without being lived in through the Christmas season.

this is the season that gets me through the long, hot summer months. this is the season that gives me hope that the nights will get longer, my home a bit cozier, my sturdy children will be bundled up with sweet, drippy, cold, cold noses.

and snow.

have i ever mentioned how much i love snow? though my sins have been like scarlet, they have been made whiter then snow...(see isaiah 1:18)

snow reminds me of how i look to my Heavenly Father and the freedom i now walk in.

this is the season that reminds me of the hope i've been given, the life i've been given, the love i've been given. how could i not revel in it?

my parents attended the funeral of my great uncle this weekend in the town that i was born in. as i was saying goodbye the night before, i asked my mom if she would take a picture of the house that i spent the first 13 years of my life in.

i have an attatchment to houses (really?). i love driving by places that i've lived in, or that my parents have lived in. there is history in those buildings. there are precious memories that formed my grandparents, my parents...and me. and i'm thankful. so thankful for the reminders that these precious places hold. they keep me grounded.

so this afternoon after church, my parents came over for lunch and mom brought out her camera to show me the pictures of the house i used to write letters to before i left on trips, assuring it that i would be home again in 2 weeks. my heart stopped. for a moment, i didn't recognize it. time had changed it...or, the owners had. things i never would have changed, they did. the tree that my brother and i used to push snowballs onto was taller then the house.

so many memories flashed through my mind, and my heart felt like it was being pulled in all different directions. the desire to go back, for just a moment. to feel safe in my mama's arms as she held me after a bad dream. to walk down the winding staircase and feel like a princess as i awoke to a house completely decorated for Christmas. (and i mean completely - there was a tree in every room)

and so, last night, i hauled out all my Christmas decorations.

i set up my tree.

i rearranged my furniture so that the tree would fit, and my new-to-me rocking chair would have a space too.

and i began decorating to my hearts content.

as i hung my wreath on my door last night, i sadly looked out onto my brown grass, wishing for a snowflake or two, but the sky was clear. i settled on the gift of the stars instead.

Christmas visited my home last night and this morning, i awoke to hearing a sweet, sleepy voice say to her daddy: "you did this for me? it's beautiful! it's Christmas!"

and then my sweet husband came into my room and whispered in my ear: "sweetheart, look's snowing."

and as i peeked out the window, sleepy eyed and barely conscious, my heart responded to my Saviour: "You did this for me? it's beautiful! it's Christmas!"

tonight a little after bedtime and when two sweet, sleepy girls should have been in remained awake and crying.

remembering the sweet relief of being held after a scary dream, i went to lyla's room and gathered her up in my arms. as i tucked us into a blanket in our new *snuggle corner*, i rocked her to sleep and realized that we are creating a home, a memory for her that will carry her through the scary times, the hard times. it will be these memories that will keep her grounded as she grows in her faith. as she watches the practice of living, laughing, loving being played out around her.

and in His faithfulness, He is showing me how.

and beyond the snow, beyond the season, beyond anything heart is so thankful, Jesus. You did this for me and it's so incredibly beautiful.