the story of the crackers...

Saturday, January 10, 2009

i've mentioned before that i have been blessed with the most amazing sister-in-laws ever. seriously. and moving so far away from all of them, has been rather...unsettling. there's something about knowing you're only 1 - 4 hours away from your sisters as opposed to 14-16.

this christmas, though full and relaxing and quiet, with precious moments with family and grandparents, both tony and i felt the void of separation from his siblings and parents. there was something bittersweet in the air this past holiday season, and more often then not, that bittersweet feeling hurt.

going so long without sisters, i took for granted the nearness of being close, even though the actual seeing of each other happened far less regularily the i would have loved.

miles hurt.

it doesn't seem to matter if i'm 1000 miles away from my family or tony's.
they just plain hurt.
so, when tony brought home the mail a couple of days before new year's, he placed a small package in my hand.
i recognized the writing right away, and my heart starting beating faster.
words can't describe the feeling of love and closeness that wrapped itself around me. to know that though far away in miles, i'm still close in thought. and the miles, for a moment, disappeared and i was near my sisters once again.
you see, through one's writing and one's painting, i was once again in the midst of laughter, scrapple, hugs and tears. i felt wrapped in a circle of women who love each other and reach out to one another and rely on one another for prayer, wisdom and strength.
this is what two of my sisters did for me and my girls...enjoy: