how could i not...

Saturday, September 26, 2009

For every breath. For sunshine on your face.
For a child's laughter. For God's grace.
For peace of mind. For joy of heart.
For love. For the gift of life.
For good friends. For sweet memories.
For pink bubblegum. For silliness.
For red shoes. For blue skies.
For the kindness of others.
For family time. For understanding souls.
For kindred spirits. For true forgiveness.
For good music. For dark chocolate.
For a place to call home. For warm hugs.
For quiet time. For the freedom to dream.
For snowflakes on your tongue.
For raindrops on your face.
For colorful sunsets. For animal-shaped clouds.
For a believing spirit. For a forgiven soul.
For inspiration. For sand between your toes.
For smiles. For tears. For mercy. For Jesus.
- Bonnie Jensen