yes baby, yes you did...

Friday, October 2, 2009

but that's okay, i can handle it when i'm rewarded with your smile-ly face.

13 weeks have passed by in a blur so quickly and as cliche as it sounds, i really can't imagine my life without you or your giggles or your coos or your sweet, sweet snuggles.

i love waking up and feeling your sweet, downy head nestled under my chin.  i love how you melt into my arms when you are sleepy tired.  i love how all it takes is a look from me and you break out into the most adorable smiles.

i love how you put up with your sisters antics...each one so unique.  lyla's mothering and livie's smothering.  they love you so much, sweet boy...they just have such different ways of showing it.

i love how my days are filled with random sentences that i would never in a million years expect to hear...sentences such as "mama, my belly is full of babies."

my heart stops a second, hoping that it is many years before i hear those words spoken from the mouth of my oldest daughter...

"really, lyla?  how many babies?"

"lots mama, lots and lots a many babies my tummy if FULL!!"

or after 3 days of teaching livie that hands are for "gentleness and loves", asking her what her hands are for after a moment of *loving* on elias in a not so loving way and hearing her impish voice exclaim, "COOKIES!!"

or having her run up to me yelling "mah hands, mah hands...they're sticky, mama!! STICKY!!" (because with livie, there is no mid-range vocals) only to discover that no, they're sticky from sticking her hands down her very dirty pants.

or hearing both girls yelling at tony to not leave for work before they can give him hugs and kisses.

these happy sounds that fill our house  (i'm really trying to embrace the not-so-happy sounds) and bring life to the walls that surround us are sounds that i wish could somehow be captured...held close, never forgotten.  so it is for you, my sweet children, my darling husband, that i try and capture these memories with words that seem so inadequate.

i just don't want to forget...