Thursday, January 7, 2010

today i stood with you on one of the hardest days of your life.

i have held you through the night as you weep in your sleep.

i've allowed myself to be held as you comfort me in our time of loss.

i want you to know how proud i am of you.

you stood in front of hundreds of people today and shared from your heart.  your pride in who your dad *is*, your grief in losing your hero, your longing to see him again someday.

as i watched the pictures pass on the screen this afternoon, seeing your dad as a newborn all the way through christmas morning when he held elias, i looked over at you.

and i realized that i don't have to look very far to see what an amazing legacy he has left behind.

i also realized how fleeting life is.

i want to stand with you through it all.  i want you to know that no matter how hard life gets, i'm here.  with you.


thank you for letting me be apart of your grieving.  for allowing me to stand beside you to support you.  for choosing me to continue on with you the legacy that your dad began.

i love you.