may i...

Saturday, July 31, 2010

7 months ago today, in about 1 hour and 10 mins, i heard the door open and a voice called out my name.  at first, i didn't recognize it.  it wasn't until the second time he called out, "kimberley!", that i knew for sure that it was tony.

pain had changed him.

the 29th - 31st are extremely hard days for us as a family.  reminders of what is missing.  reminders of painful rememberings.

it is so easy to turn inward.

i avoided my computer for the most part until yesterday evening.  the 30th seems like a somewhat safe day...the breath between the shock. and so i logged in last night to find a reminder that, even in my pain, i need to keep my focus outward.  i was reminded that sometimes pain is so raw, so encompassing, so...unexplainable.  and it touches everyone. not just me.  not just my precious family.  but everyone.

and i knew this.

but i needed to be reminded.

and so, and i would like to try something.

i moderate my comments...a number of months ago someone from korea was trying to send me links to some rather seedy sights and so i began to monitor what i published on my blog.  i say this because i would like to be able to pray for you. 

which, really doesn't look like it has anything to do with each other, but last night, in my brokenness, i asked what i could do...and i as i was falling asleep i sensed Him ask me to ask...

ask you.

ask you i how i can pray.

now.  these comments won't be published. you can keep them as vague or as detailed as you would like.  they will also be keep confidential.  i just want you to know that someone, even if that someone is me, is lifting you up before Jesus.  if posting a comment seems too unnverving or scary but you would still like me to pray, you can always email me at wifeoftony(at)gmail(dot)com.

may i please do this for you?  may i please help shoulder a burden?