i went up to the mountain...

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

because you asked me to.  for the last 3 weeks.  every time we would drive by the gondolas, you both would yell out "mama, daddy!!!  ski lips!!!  can we go??"

and we would both keep reassuring you that yes, we would go.  soon.
as soon as the right moment presented itself.

and it did.  

for as long as i've known tony, i've heard all about his crazy shenanigans that he partook in while he was  growing up.  the majority of them included one of his cousins.  

timing seemed to work itself out and the cousins who did a lot of growing up together were able to introduce the next generation to each other...

(livie is trying to say "cheese" and look at the camera at the same time.  she melts my heart...)

the girls were beside themselves.  two new friends to love on and play with and ask continually what their names were.  

there was no chaos.  at all.  ever...when they were sleeping.

i had emailed back and forth with his wife several times over the last couple of years and discovered a kindred spirit.  but there is always a slight fear that while there may be good banter over email, it may not translate well in person.

 i really shouldn't have worried.

lyla picked up a rock at the top of the mountain to take back down with her...she was very excited to add to her ever growing collection. 

the girls enjoyed their rides on the "ski lips"...loving the experience and the safety with daddy.  elias was elias - pretty much relaxed about the whole thing.

 livie wanted to give me a kiss, but i keep thinking this picture looks like she's trying to see if she can see my brain by looking in my ear....

i love tony.  and i can see his dad in his face in this picture, which endears this shot to me even more.  

 as i mentioned in liv's birthday post, when olivia gives her heart away, she gives it away completely.  fiercely. fully.  and when that happens, goodbyes completely, fiercely and fully shatter her heart.  she didn't want to say goodbye.  to be honest, none of us did...

i have loved marrying into the huge family that tony has. in the places that my heart has been wounded, i have found such healing in the love and acceptance that i find in the relationships that i've formed.  and i'm so thankful.

last night, the girls went out to see a movie...eve, mamaB and i.  the only "chick flick" that was playing was "eat, pray, love".  there was a lot i enjoyed, a lot i could have done without, but there was one line that jumped out at me and stayed with me all evening and into today.

"a woman doesn't just need a man.  a woman needs a champion."

Jesus knew i needed a champion.  He knew that i needed someone who could see the worth in me and draw out confidence.  that the one He had for me would love me so fiercely, so completely, so fully that his love would draw my heart to Christ.

tony, you are more than just another man in my life.  you are more than a friend,  a husband, a confidant, a playmate.  throughout these almost 10 years together, you have proved yourself over and over and over again to be my champion, giving me a glimpse of the Champion of all our hearts.  i love you, more than i have words for.  thank you for looking beyond the pain and brokenness that was in my life and fighting for me.

i'm yours. always and forever...