it's funny...

Thursday, October 21, 2010

sometimes, the way one person learns one thing ends up tying into something else that someone else is learning.

and there is an incredible moment of beautiful kinship in that moment of realization.

for some reason, missing tony's dad has been consuming.  maybe because of the other layers of grief we are dealing with...i don't know.

this morning i woke up and read through my "hope" verses from yesterday, and then i clicked over here.

and i was reminded again that sometimes in the most overwhelming moments of sadness and grief, there is an even bigger picture of beauty.

you just have to look for it.

sweet becky, child of Heaven, you *are* truly, without one doubt in my mind, leaving your mark.


ps.  happy birthday, kristyn!!  may you have a wonderful, joy-filled day.  you are another whose life is leaving an incredible mark in the lives of those around you. so thankful that you have become such a dear sister.  i love you.