something told...

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

something told the wild geese
it was time to go.
though the fields lay golden
something whispered - "snow."
leaves were green and stirring,
berries, luster-glossed,
but beneath warm feathers
something cautioned, "frost."

all the sagging orchards
steamed with amber spice,
but each wild breast stiffened
at remembered ice.
something told the wild geese
it was time to fly, - 
summer sun was on their wings,
winter in their cry.
~rachel field

You gave to me, in the quiet of the morning, a promise to see me through the day,
 strength and dignity are her clothing, 
she laughs at the time to come.
proverbs 31:25

i heard the cry in Your words...

the time to fly may come.

as i broke branches for the jesse tree, as i gathered little ones around me to begin advent, as i wandered around my kitchen not knowing how to feel...

no, advent is not meant to be rushed through.  
neither is grief.

neither is the realization that what you have known, what has been stability may no longer be in a few short hours.

yes, it is all a slow movement from the darkness into the light.

"in all the years i've known him, i never knew he had a daughter..."
You were there.  as the realization of those words sunk deep, You, my Heavenly Father never left me.

as my soul has threatened to spiral down into the deepest of darkness, i feel You near.  

just as You were there at the the cold, in the weary light.  just as You drew close to my husband in that moment that has seared his mind with a picture nothing can erase.

You are here in the cocoon of shock.  You will be there in the stark reality.  and You already know what new plan it is You have for our lives ~ whatever that looks like.

our lives that  have been so thoroughly torn apart they are no longer recognizable to anyone...

but You.

i stand before You, naked.  exposed.  

the air around me is biting.  so very, very cold.

and You place around my vulnerability, strength.

You wrap my bluing spirit with dignity.

yes, Jesus...the time to fly may be coming.

and i find the corner of my lips lifting as the promise of adventure comes near.