Monday, April 18, 2011

he was halfway through watching when i asked if i could join him.

he looked up and smiled at me, paused the motion and we sat down together on the couch in typical fashion,

i laid down with my head on the arm rest as he placed a pillow on his lap, patted it and then wrapped his warm hands around my cold feet.

i'm not one for politically minded documentaries, but this one fascinated me.

ben's voice struck me as funny in all the wrong places, but it was the one line he delivered near the end that covered my body in goosebumps.

did he know what he had just said?

in light of what i had just watched, of course he did.

but in light of this week that we have entered into, the most holy of weeks...they were the perfect words to usher my heart in...

truth might be crushed to the earth, but it will always rise again.

i have been wrestling this past week.  

trying to cling to Him as i struggle with very specific needs.  

i know that He knows exactly why it is that He hasn't provided this one thing that in my own mind seems so beneficial...and needed.

as the little ones ate their snacks this afternoon, all gathered around the table, i sat down on the bench i have come to since i was 7 years old..

i lifted the lid in front of me and placed my fingers gently on the black and whites.

opened my hymnal given by sweet, wonderful women and played the first song my eyes fell on...


and oh, that it would sink down into my spirit and seep truth into all of my wants and needs.

i'd rather have Jesus

i'd rather have Jesus than silver or gold;
 i'd rather be His than have riches untold;
i'd rather have Jesus than houses or lands.
I'd rather be led by His nail-pierced hand.

than to be the king of a vast domain 
and be held in sin's dread sway.
i'd rather have Jesus than anything
this world affords today

i'd rather have Jesus than men's applause;
i'd rather be faithful to His dear cause;
i'd rather have Jesus than world-wide fame.
i'd rather be true to His holy name


He's fairer than lilies of rarest bloom;
He's sweeter than honey from out the comb;
He's all that my hungering spirit needs.
i'd rather have Jesus and let Him lead.

than to be the king of a vast domain 
and be held by sin's dread sway.
i'd rather have Jesus than anything 
this world affords today.

truth that is crushed to the earth will always rise again.

the Truth that was crushed to the earth rose again on the third day.

and the One Who has the power to raise the dead, can fill me and you with Life...His Life, that satisfies and fulfills so that we can truly say, i'd rather have Jesus than anything...

glimpses of *721-*801

: strong words that build up and encourage
: a husband, brave and sure
: praying blessings over our family
: preparing for company
: which is an answer to her prayers for me
: rest

: early mornings
: everyone in bed with me
: bumped heads
: elbows to noses
: tearful "i'm sorry's"
: seeing them out the window
: tall, beautiful niece
: adorable, lisping nephew
: amazing, strong, beautiful sister
: wonderful, fabulous new friend
: hugging them all!!!
: friend-cousins
: little kid jokes
: laughter ~
: lots and lots and lots
: caramel lattes
: foam
: new arms,
: holding elias,
: so that i could make lunch...and dinner
: pink, sparkly flowers
: snuggled up in bed by 8:52pm
: feeling like i'm 80 because of it
: a husband who turns out my light and tucks me in

: awake at 5:33am
: laying there for 3 hours because i can
: getting to church early
: lyla and her blankie...in sunday school!!!
:teachers who sneak out to say she did a great job
: the excitement on her face
: feeling half-way through service, "we are finally home."
: feeling welcome
: a sermon that speaks deep to the places that need it
: sitting with him in the church coffee shop beforehand
: loving him in the sunlight
: touching his arm
: driving
: groceries
: a cart full ~ of children
: bed time
: not-so-sleepy little ones
: watching a case for "intelligent design"
: the discussion it brings
: truth, truth, truth
: his warmth to come close to

: hearing him get ready in the early morning hours
: them peeking their heads in an hour later
: my strawberry plants,
: in my re-purposed topsy turvy

: clean sheet day!!!
: cotton instead of flannel
: wrestling littles off of half-made beds
: giving up
: moving on to the next bed
: sneaking back in to finish
: elias' grin

: his tears
: his snuggles
: their reminding that it's snack time
: the white of the cheese
: orange. lots of it.

: sticky fingers
: milk mustache
: palm fronds at the center of my table