the scent of them...

Monday, May 16, 2011

the road under the wheels wound around acres of farms and orchards.

the top was down and the wind sent my hair in every direction.

the air was heavy with clouds and sun.

it was beautiful.

she and i pulled into the drive leading to the farmhouse-turned-cafe, surrounded by vineyards and chickens and apple trees in bloom.

and i felt as though i could breathe.

truly breathe.

and after the visit and a break in the sudden rain storm, we walked over to the lilac bush that swallowed up the yard.  i buried my face in the purple blossoms and allowed myself to get lost in the memories of wandering down the sidewalk in the town that used to be home and gathering up armfuls of them.  for a moment, just a fleeting one, homesickness washed over me...

and then i heard a voice behind me,

pick a few to take home with you.

we turned around, surprised at the generosity.

i carefully plucked two stems.

she reached over and broke off two as well,

and we headed home.

i sat in my living room last night, my home quiet and empty after a weekend of company and my mind wandering off in a few different directions when they caught my attention.

the scent of them, strong and bold.

the drew me to them and i picked up the crystal vase that held them and brought them up to my face.

i wandered down the hall to check on the little ones who had fallen asleep.  tuck covers up and kiss all 3 noses and surrounding each one in each room was the scent of lilacs.  the scent of heartbreaking beauty.

just four small twigs, dripping heavy with clouds of purple blossoms.

and yet they filled the whole house with their fragrance.  not one corner was left vacant with the scent of them.

giving thanks is like the scent of those lilacs on my kitchen table.  each moment recognized is so small, it is almost insignificant.  a grace viewed as foolish to some, nonsense to others.

but it is changing me, changing the air around me.  it is filling the empty places in my heart full.  it draws me to Him...
but thanks be to God, who in Christ always leads us in triumphal procession, and through us spreads the fragrance of the knowledge of Him everywhere.for we are the aroma of Christ to God among those who are being saved and among those who are perishing...2 corinthians 2:14-15
and still, tonight, they waft through the house...

glimpses of 822-889

822. baby boy sandals by the side of my bed

823. pea pods
824. lessons on joy
825. tired eyes
826. the perfect pen
827. propped up pillows
828. fresh washed blankets
829. a headache - finally gone
830. that he runs to me for comfort
831. the way he twirls my wedding band ~ playing with the weight of commitment
832. red toenails
833. foot "horsey" rides

837. livie's love for dresses
838. lyla's love of animals,
839. and really, really big numbers

840. a piano bench-turned-boat
841. our books, together


844. hearing him at the door
845. welcoming company
846. a full home
849. flashes of lightening
850. rumble of thunder
851. children who sleep through it all
852. oatmeal pancakes
853. full tummies
854. parks and ducks and bread
857. convertible rides
858. gift that no amount of thanks can ever repay
859. quiet little vineyard
860. wine, hummus, unknown pickled things
861. lilac bushes
862. rain
865. amazing dinner prepared by dear guests
866. my bed
867. early morning light
868. touching his neck
869. the way his eyes close
870. the silliest things that make elias laugh
871 doing them over and over so that he will.
872. olivia's strong will
873. olivia's strong will
874. olivia's strong will
878. flats and flats of marigolds
879. tony. always, always tony.
880. bridges marked with rust.
881. long country drives

882. decisions made
883. peace
884. elias' expanding vocabulary
885. that it now includes "please" and "thank you"
886. that he brought me pretty shoes home.
887. that they fit perfectly.
888. dump trucks and legs used as hills

889. that bluebird outside my door...