standing watch...

Friday, July 8, 2011

i don't want to be inside.

can't be inside.

the dream You placed inside, the one i whispered to You, the one i could see so clearly in the hot july sun...

it has a heartbeat and a longing.  and it's growing up big and strong,

the moon stands watch and my mind races with images already putting things in place, in order.

i can almost taste the goodness of what could be and i wonder how this dome of blue above me can remain so calm.

shouldn't there be billowing cumulus?  shouldn't thunder and lightening be echoing down this valley?

 it already is in my heart.

and it runs faster, this heart of mine.  faster than reality, but oh.  oh to feel hope again.

to dream again.

to await with eager anticipation as i lay it down, bare before You as an offering.

the wind is playing with my hair, caressing my face...wraps itself around me.

You are here, beside me.

and my shoes are off, my feet feeling every line and crack beneath them.

You are here...

on this step in front of my door The Holy sits with me...