the month of here {day 3}...the sun that shines bright

Thursday, November 3, 2011

i left a sky that stretched high and wide.

touched one horizon and then the other with nothing standing in the way.

you could see for miles...

i loved that sky.

but i craved the horizon more.

thunderheads building, billowing high in the west and barreling down over fields bowed low with harvest.

the rain has always meant relief in the last gasp of an indian summer sun.

and i loved watching it come.

i can't see for miles as i look around me anymore, the relief from the sun doesn't come very often in the hot and hazy days of summer.

i thought that would break me.

rain has always revived me.

the sun has always found my joy withered and shrunk.

but days kept passing, brighter and warmer than the next and i found myself thriving in the here i find myself in.

it's the same ball of fire up in the sky, the same one that has always beat down on skin that burns red, but here, 


He uses it to show me that what seems messy and ugly and cluttered and chaotic,

shines beautiful if only i would change where i look.

and here where what was buried deep in the dark, pressed down in pain and hurt and confusion has been given a chance to bloom and change and grow under the glow of His love,

His grace...

and the harvest?  it's full and rich and heavy.

there's healing here, in the midst of everything else around me, and it's easy to see in the light of this sun...

and i give thanks on this third day of this month that finds me here...under the sun that shines bright.