the month of here {day 2}...the road

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

spring and fall wear the same weather.

cool and crisp with a sun that beats down happy.

the way the light fell this morning reminded me of that day in late april  that found us here with 24 short hours to find a home to house our 5.

and i was nervous.

those first 12 hours?

dead ends.

all of them.

i crawled up into our big hotel bed and laid my head down next to his.

my stomach all in knots and the tears threatening to spill.

morning woke up and we did too and he climbed behind that wheel and followed the directions that i had quickly written down.

followed that messy scrawl to this road...

i noticed the road before i noticed the house...wide and straight and plain.

reminded me a bit of a street out front of a little yellow house dearly loved...just about 50 years newer.

and i think of the street outside of your own front door...the road you have traveled to get to where you are.

at first glance, that asphalt that snakes its way through a neighbourhood seems nothing more than tar and crushed up rock and dirt.

until you think of the journey it takes to get to where you are going ~ 

there's nothing ordinary about the journey or the road it takes to get you there..

nothing ordinary about you.

and He takes the messy, the dirty, the crushed up bits of our lives and lays a path that winds and sometimes twists into places we never thought we wanted to be.  but this path?  this pain?  when we love Him and trust Him? it will always lead us Home to Him.

no, there's nothing ordinary about ordinary asphalt..

and i give thanks on this second day of this month that finds me here...on this road.