the month of here {day12}...and mr. bob

Saturday, November 12, 2011

i sometimes wonder about the timing of things that lead up to chance meetings, or the way two lives intersect and connect.

do you?

i find myself fascinated by the befores of everyone involved, oblivious to the fact their hearts are about to grow bigger.

he didn't have to open up his heart to us.

when i think of the loss he had already experienced, it would seem reasonable that he wouldn't.

when i think of the children and grandchildren that already fill his life, 3 more small and loud ones could seem like 3 too many.

and the one who brought me daises, opens his home to us again and again and they run to him, those 3 who have lost so many.  they run to him and he opens his heart and his arms to small lives he doesn't even know have been broken.

elias, he walked around all morning, after i told them the news that we would get to see him this afternoon.  kept asking for mr. bob and his truck that is red.

and here, where we first found ourselves alone and unknown, the heart of a father and friend beckons us in.

and they play frisbee in his big ol' backyard, rake leaves and jump in piles and the smiles grow wide and they know they are loved.

here, where He keeps reminding me that we are not forgotten.  that He had set a plan in motion before it all fell apart and as the seasons change once again and the leaves flutter down around us, i hear Him deep in my soul,

[He] sets the lonely in families,
He leads forth the prisoners with singing...
psalm 68:6a

and i give thanks on this twelfth day of this month that finds me here...and for hearts that make room for each other.