the month of here {day14}...3,646

Monday, November 14, 2011

i kind of like books.

i have a few i'm reading right now,

not including the two in my purse and the three in the van and the five on order at the library.

i love the words inside.

the characters, the places, the thoughts and ideas that find themselves buried within pages of text.

they pile up beside our bed.

there always seems to be one open somewhere.

and since becoming a mama, i tend to flip back and forth between any number of books at one time.

and then that doorbell had to ring.

and that deliveryman just had to drop off 3,646 pages of unexpected sheer delight right here on our front step.

and it doesn't seem to matter where one moves to, where they have come from...

if one carries timeless words with them, they are never really that far from wherever here finds you.

and i give thanks on this fourteenth day of this month that finds me here...and for the gift of 3,646 new pages to get lost in.