the month of here {day16}...a wonderland

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

i sat with my back to the window this morning, bent over math pages and focused on numbers.

i didn't see the first flake fall.

or the thousandth.

until the phone rang its ring and the happiest voice on the other end asked if i had looked out the window yet.

and that friend here thought to call, thought to make sure i had seen the snow, and my first gasp of delight was a shared one with her.

there is joy in those moments.

and the little ones dropped thoughts and pencils faster than i stood up and plastered my face against the window.

the first snow fell and not-bundled-up-enough-children pushed past their happy mama and bounded out onto the grass waiting to be tucked in for the season.

it's beautiful, this evening.  the air is hushed underneath the soft covering of white.

here the snow finds me, still captivates me with it's beauty and wonder.

and my children, with faces raised to the sky dropping downy white flakes, leave imprints on my heart that time can never melt away.

and i give thanks on this sixteenth day of this month that finds me here...and for the wonder that first snowfall brings.