the month of here {day17}...steaming milk

Thursday, November 17, 2011

it doesn't take much to make eyes grow wide and smiles even bigger.

it doesn't take much to pour love into them and watch them settle.

milk all steamed and frothy poured over a touch of chocolate melted and thick,

they lean in close and giggle loudly as whipped cream becomes the final touch.

it doesn't take much,

to do that one extra thing...

the one that makes them feel special and known.

we snuggle on couches that have settled here, but really have cradled us all along.

our bodies have made their own comfy impressions and we each have our spots that are our very own.

yes.  we are very particular about this.

and he cradles those grapes in his sweet little man-hands.  and i snap a picture because they won't be that little for much longer.

i look at his face and see the wonder there as he counts slow and steady,!

and before i know it, these days will be over.

so i'll make it, those moments extra special, because nothing compares to the joy on their faces.

and i give thanks on this seventeenth day of this month that finds me here...and the three small ones to steam the milk for.