Thursday, January 26, 2012

she writes words on a 3x5 card that weave together a prayer for us

and sends me the picture.

i find it in my inbox in the early morning hours that find me searching for a glimpse of Him.

and i need a glimpse of Him


i walk down the hall on shaky legs 

and reach up trembling hands to the top of that cupboard

and pull down a 3x5 card of my own.

and her prayer becomes my prayer that i can't voice and the card becomes crinkled between my hands as i hold it close throughout the day...

and when i couldn't even utter the words,

He knew.

He heard.

and He called.

seven days later,

i sit across the table from a dear friend who heard my whispered plea to pray as i ushered my three out of that loud and chaotic room

and she shares how He wouldn't let her go that day.

wouldn't let her not pray all day

and so she did.

it's not lost on me,

the unfathomable grandness of my God.

how so very large He is and how very small i am.

and when lungs struggle to fill with the very oxygen of communion between God and man,

He calls on others to breathe for them.

and the air exhaled from the hearts and mouths of those in His Body reaches Him as a fragrance  

it's just a small blue dot caught in the beam of a ball of fire,

and it's a life that speeds by and is over in the mere blink of an eye.

but to Him,

each moment that seems to slip out of hands trying to grasp and understand the meaning of it all...

they have worth

and weight

and they move Him to action

and He calls us to breathe for each other.