when it's not very loud...

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

i have stood on a frozen field with my face lifted up to a night sky alive and dancing with the blues and greens and purples of the northern lights.

and i have felt the awe of Him.

i have stood on the edge of the land beneath my feet and felt the crash of the waves of an ocean pounding deep.

and i have been shaken with the proof of His power.

i have listened to the wind whip itself into a frenzy, watched the black clouds above me swirl and green and form into the beginnings of a funnel that has one seeking safety.

and i have wondered for His mercy.

i have laid my body down 3 times and listened as another's heartbeat deep within me has filled the air that surrounds me.

and i have known Him as Creator.


it's when harsh words have been loudly spoken,

when one of us is firmly planted in the hall,

the other braced in against the kitchen sink,

and pain flying in all that space between...

when i find myself on the floor of our closet,

tears pouring down and i hear that door open...

when he lowers himself

and brings us both to the same level;

when he says those words that break through the ice,

reaches out his hands,

asks me to look into his eyes,

and we forgive each other...

it's in those moments,

the ones void of lights and noise and movement...

the simple ones

that i come to know Him as




and He is there

and so intimately close

in the hush of a gentle whisper...